Carrie Underwood

By Rachel Fuerschbach

Throughout the nineteen years of my life, I recall attending only two other concerts. The first concert was during my elementary years and the second during my freshman year of high school. I am now a sophomore in college and just recently attended my third concert. Only my third! That is likely fewer than most of my peers, or possibly less than kids younger than me.

I’ve never been one to wait up all night to buy tickets or track my favorite artists, to see when they would be in town. Fortunately, tickets have always landed in my lap, and the most recent concert I went to was no different, as my best friend offered me a ticket to go see Carrie Underwood!

On Tuesday, March 26, I found myself filing in to the First Niagara Center for the Carrie Underwood Blown Away Tour.

Hunter Hayes was Carrie’s opening act who, with a sore throat, performed a few songs including his most popular song “Wanted.” Prior to his performance fans had the chance to meet him by tweeting “#HunterHayesiswantedat[your seat number].” I of course jumped at this opportunity to meet the good looking singer, but my hopes were crushed, when my tweets wouldn’t send.

As Carrie ascended onstage, singing “Good Girl,” the crowd exploded with applause as they rose to their feet singing along with her.

After two dress changes Carrie surprised the audience by taking a piece of the stage and flying overhead her fans with her band, saying she liked to do this so she could see all the beautiful faces in the crowd. While above the crowd, Carrie performed her song “All-American Girl” as fans were covered in confetti and bounced around giant beach balls. This had to be one of my favorite parts. Not only was I able to see Carrie closer than I had before, but fans got to feel a part of the concert.

Once she returned the stage to its origin, Carrie went through two more dress changes while performing an array of her hit songs such as, “Before He Cheats”, where I sang along word for word belting out the lyrics with all the passion I could stir up. Other songs were, “Temporary Home”, and “Two Black Cadillacs” as well as Brad Paisley’s duet “Remind Me” which featured Paisley on a video screen behind Underwood. My heart melted at the sight of the country singer as he played his Fender Telecaster guitar.

The most memorable part of the night was when Carrie ended her performance with her song “Blown Away” where smoke and confetti shot up behind her as she sang, creating a storming effect and leaving fans blown away.

As for me, the Carrie Underwood concert ranked the top spot on my short list of best concerts ever attended. Not only did Carrie put on an intriguing performance, but she made you feel like she wasn’t just talking to the crowd but to you individually as well. This is one performer who genuinely cares for her fans and wants them to have an experience they’ll never forget.


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