Conquer a Mountain With Your Workout

By Kaila Proulx
Healthy Helper


With midterms in full swing and an agonizing a week of classes left until Spring Break, it can sometimes feel like you’re trekking up a mountain with no downhill in site. But instead of succumbing to the stress of classes, work, and other springtime obligations, use the added pressure to inspire a killer sweat session at the gym. As I’ve discussed before, getting in some activity can be an awesome way to release pent up frustration, refocus your mind, and release some endorphins, that will get you through the tough parts of the semester. This week I have a “mountain” inspired walking (with a surprise running spurt!) workout that utilizes varying inclines to get your heart rate up without harsh impact on your joints!

Incline walking is highly underestimated in terms of how great of a workout you can get from it. Not only can it be a great option for non-runners, who are looking to get a great workout, but also athletes from all realms of the fitness world can benefit from the cardiovascular and leg strength it creates. Adding incline to your typical treadmill routine can double calorie burn (not that that is the most important thing), increase intensity without adding strain to your joints, and raise your heart rate, without risking injury through a running workout. Also, many more muscles are activated when an incline is added to a workout; muscles that you may not have ever used before during a cardio workout.  Better endurance and improved bone density have been attributed to incline walking as well. The benefits are truly endless when it comes to mixing up your fitness regimen by including incline walking!

As with all changes to your workout routine, it’s important to check with a doctor first and make sure that they are suitable to your fitness and health level. Use the workout I’ve provided as inspiration to power through the last half of the semester! Get through the next few weeks and it’ll be all downhill towards summer.


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